Gump Waiting for the next flight

Gump Waiting for the next flight
Gump at Wall Lake

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skips Dinner Green Bay, WI

A dinner in the shadows of Lambo Field in Green Bay. All the fancy sports bars and fancy grills can't compete with Skips. I ordered a Burger just a burger well CJ (I think her name was) my waitress asked do you want a combo? whats with a combo? Fries or Soup? I took the home made (by CJ) Chicken Rice soup and the burger Total Bill $4.22 with tax Why is there a Mac & Ds down the road? it must be a Green bay thing (like worshiping the Packers) Before a Packer viking game go here for breakfast or a quick lunch CJ is a Viking fan Too. It couldn't get any Greater then this.

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  1. Your post is really interesting, you have your own ideas, i love reading it. Thanks for such a cool blog. Damiana

    1. Thanks I am trying to keep up with all the great places I see and visit while traveling for work keep checking back