Gump Waiting for the next flight

Gump Waiting for the next flight
Gump at Wall Lake

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Benson Bakery Benson Minnesota

80 years in the same family the Benson Minnesota bakery is going strong at 3 in the afternoon bakers are still stocking the shelf's and shipping bakery fresh bread and goodies to the area. I just can't pass buy a small town Bakery and this one is well Worth the stop. They now have Breakfast and lunch service. I had to try (on recommendation) the "Rock n Rolls" a small perfect sized Cinnamon roll with a nice glaze. The other local choice is the caramel croissant. there were allot of other suggestions but get here early for them they go quick. The Benson Bakery is A Great Bakery buy all means.
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