Gump Waiting for the next flight

Gump Waiting for the next flight
Gump at Wall Lake

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frieda's Cafe Willmar, Minesota

Frieda's Frieda's Frieda's  what more can I say this is the kind of place your Grandpa talked about. Its a step back in time the food is Great most homemade. The prices are from way back 1.19 for desert, $1.19 for cup of homemade soup, just over $2.00 for a thick Meatloaf sammy.  all this and the help was the greatest. I sat down, ordered, received my soup then the sammy, downed it all while still trying to check in on foursquare, paid and walked out in about the time it took to read this. This is truly down home Fiend Frieda's every time your in Willmar Minnesota. If you are there for the huge stacks of pancakes 3 for under $3.00  ask for 5 and try to beat the fastest time to inhale the stack of 5 in 1:27sec.  the waitress said she was there when it happened. Good luck on the stack and every thing else Frieda's serves.
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$1.75 egg salad and chips

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